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    Our Place

    Flavor Cake and Pastry is a premium pastry shop and bakery located in Falls Church, Virginia. We specialize in authentic pastries and amazing custom cakes for all occasions.

    We seek to provide a unique Flavor’s refuge from daily routine. A place where you can gather with friends to grab a cup of coffee and cake. Drop by our place and experience our Flavor’s.

    It is a place of unexpected invitations and unsolicited suggestions of cakes and pastries that will delight you. The staff works hard to make each customer feel at home to foster a communal environment. And that is how we continue to build our extended family.

    One bite at a time!

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    Our Drinks

    All our coffee drinks are made with our signature blends of coffee beans, 100% organic and fair trade, roasted by Joshua's Roasting Company in California. Our drinks are carefully made just the way you like it by our creative baristas.

    Our Tea collection is uncompromising with a selection of over 30 fragrances and flavored teas and herbals, ranging from greens to blacks. We also have decafs.

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    Our Smoothies

    All our smoothies are made from freshly-squeezed juices, whole fruits or whole fruit purees. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

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